Victims of an acid attack

At present, the state government provides Rs 1, per month as disability pension which will be increased to Rs 2, per month from November. For hundreds of people across the country, that's all it takes for their lives to be changed irrevocably in a second.

As per the revised rates, if the registration of non- testamentary documents exceeds Rs 30 lakh but is less than Rs 40 lakh, a revised rate of Rs 20, would be levied. Ensure the area around the victim is safe and you have taken measures to protect yourself — as two casualties only worsens matters.

They want to leave the women scarred, both physically and emotionally. The suspects were described as wearing dark or grey clothing and two had Parker-style coats with fur around the collar.

However, from the first time she steps into a medical store for getting a Rs change, and the way a mother accusingly looks up at her and covers her child from facing her, we know life will not be easy for her. On the morning of December 23,as a year-old doctor was riding to work in New Delhi, two men on a motorcycle intercepted her scooter.

She told the ECHO: The spokesperson said she has done MA and B. Nor does she leave the house other than for treatment.

From family rivalries to caste-based and communal clashes, women's bodies often bear the brunt of the violence. Her doctor says she will need about 30 more to repair the damage, including recreating her ears, which the acid melted off. Acid is a corrosive substance and, when it comes in contact with the skin, can cause intense pain and life-long injury.

Acid Attacks On The Rise, Majority Of Victims Are White Men

Two of the culprits are still on the loose and the case will remain pending in civil court until they are apprehended. The application will be supported by documents that will include medical certificate issued by the medical board at district level, copy of the FIR or complaint.

Even at work, she has to oscillate between being pitied and being judged. This toll fee will remain in effect till March 31, and would be linked with price index and will be changed with effect from April 1, every year on the basis of National Highways Fee Determination of Rates and Collection Rules, Topmost among the changes they were calling for was stricter regulation of the availability of acid.

Unless it's a high-profile urban case, these attacks are often relegated to the inside pages of a newspaper.

Free Treatment of Acid Attack Victims: The SC Verdict

The yearsand witnessed a total of 83, 85 and 66 cases having been reported respectively, but this number shot up to in Other decisions The Cabinet also decided to provide Group-D government job to Jaivir Singh, brother of martyr Satbir Singh, on compassionate grounds, by giving relaxation in the policy.

The family had to pool their money to purchase an air-conditioning unit for the house because of the burning sensation she still experiences. Women who did not conform to these expectations, or to "morality expectations" of secular factions, were vulnerable to attacks which included pouring acid on their bodies, rock pelting, threats, and even rape.

Woman, 60, victim of horrific acid attack by teen gang on walk home from work

While the involvement of a female attacker made this a rare case, the aftermath has followed a more familiar path. Lalita was admitted to a local hospital for two months to treat her burns, but the family quickly ran out of savings.

Acid attack victim battles for life in Bulandshahr

Circulars were distributed specifying proper modest dress and behavior. Registration of fee for sale of assets, lease deeds hiked In a bid to mop up more revenue, the cabinet approved an increase in the fee for the registration of non-testamentary documents relating to immovable property.

Three years on, Aarti, who is now 25, is fighting a legal battle against the people behind the assault, while trying to raise funds for the surgery she requires. These dependencies are increased by the fact that many acid survivors are not able to find suitable work, due to impaired vision and physical handicap.Witnesses to acid attacks have been told how to help victims as the number of assaults using corrosive substances soars across the country.

The minutes after an attack are critical in helping. Watch video · Acid attack victim Sophie Hall is to compete for a beauty queen crown in Devon; Ms Hall, 22, suffered horrific burns when Arthur Collins threw acid at clubbers. Sep 15,  · The woman (29) who was attacked with acid by her brother-in-law is battling for life at a private hospital in Uttar Pradesh’s Bulandshahr.

On Thursday, Rani’s brother-in-law threw acid at her.

Haryana Cabinet approves monthly pension for acid attack victims

Sep 27,  · CM Khattar led cabinet approved a scheme that facilitates women victims of acid attack to get a continuous source of income throughout their joeshammas.comn.

Jul 14,  · Five men were attacked with acid in London, with one man suffering life-changing facial injuries in what police on Friday were treating as linked assaults. Oct 19,  · India News – Two years after the release of a comic book on rape victims-turned-superheroes, the creators of 'Priya's Shakti' have come out with a sequel featuring acid attack .

Victims of an acid attack
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